Just Had Your Basement Remodeled?

Tips for Homeowners Painting Their Basement Walls Painting basement walls can be somewhat of a challenge; however, simply following a few basic steps will help homeowners avoid some common mistakes. Preparation is the most important part, which is generally overlooked when it comes to basement walls. Waterproofing will work better when applied before any paint and primer are applied. Applying two layers of quality primer will stop stains from coming through the paint. Basements usually have bad ventilation, which means care has to be taken to vent paint fumes. Painting basement walls starts with a well prepped surface. Concrete which is unpainted will need more preparation than drywall does. Start by cleaning the walls using soap, water, and bleach when necessary. Concrete walls need to be brushed or vacuumed in order to remove any loose mortar or dust. All cracks or crevices have to be repaired before any waterproofing is applied. Some waterproofing products can’t be applied over paint, so we advise to put them on first. Apply the waterproofing using a brush, roller, or sprayer, depending upon the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, remember to cover all floors and any furniture with a drop cloth whilst during this. Then, let the treatment dry completely. Putting in a portable fan could speed up this process. When applying paint, it will first need a quality primer. A stain blocking one could be required if any water stains are present. A minimum of 2 coats should be applied in order to receive better results. A thick brush or roller works best on concrete block walls. Plus, this means less topcoat paint will be needed. Basements…

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