Hotel Painting

Hotel painting is uniquely different from house painting, in that it requires a combination of skills. A hotel’s needs may include the interior painting of restaurants, bars and retail shops, in addition to guest rooms. Various designs might be required, and if the hotel is being remodeled but is still open for business, speed and cleanliness are a top priority.


Hotel chain exteriors double as brand symbols, in which case the design and exterior paint color will be predetermined to maintain brand continuity. For luxury hotels, an overall exterior design plan can certainly be discussed in order to achieve the desired aesthetic. Bed and breakfasts, on the other hand, require simplicity in their exteriors or in some cases a more playful atmosphere, such as one with a Wild West or log cabin aesthetic.


Again, different hotels require particular aesthetics. The chain demands brand consistency, while luxury hotels and bed and breakfasts are free to pursue individualized looks.

We conduct a thorough survey of the interior, looking for problem areas and, again, guide our customers in decisions such as color theory and design, stains, paint VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and maintaining a controlled working environment. Speed and precision are necessary, so we are willing to work nights to complete the project in a timely fashion.